Each semester, the LPL graduate students take a 3-6 day camping fieldtrip to sites of geolocial and cultural significance in the Southwest (and sometimes beyond!). We use the Southwest as an open laboratory to study the geology of our planet as an analog for the geology of our solar system.

Fall 2010

Canyonlands, UT - Fall 2010

Diatreme, Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, Upheaval Dome, petroglyphs, Joint trail


Spring 2011a

Shoreline Processes in CA - Spring 2011a

Travertine Point, Anza Burrego desert, Palm Springs, Julian, San Diego, mud volcanoes


Spring 2011b

Flagstaff geology - Spring 2011b

Sinkhole, USGS, maar volcano, Meteor Crater, Grand Falls, SP Crater, lava tube


Fall 2011

Canyon de Chelly - Fall 2011

Salt River Canyon, Petrified Forest, Canyon de Chelly, cliff dwellings


Spring 2012

Mojave and Painted Desert - Spring 2012

Kelso Dunes, playa with sliding rocks, Death Valley, camping by a lava flow


Fall 2012

Circum-Tucson geology - Fall 2012

Santa Catalinas, Rincons, Dragoon piedmont, earth fissures, off-roading, Tucson mountains


Spring 2013

Mojave Remote Sensing - Spring 2013

Plane flight with Rick Greenberg to observe Amboy crater wind streak from the air


Fall 2014

White Sands, Southern NM - Fall 2014

Lava flows, volcanic bomb sags, white sand... LOTS of white sand