Emily Rauscher

emily@lpl.arizona.edu             Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, 1629 E University Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85721-0092


I am currently a NASA Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow in the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona.  In the summer of 2010 I received my PhD from the Astronomy Department at Columbia University. 

As of September 1, 2012, I will be continuing my Sagan postdoc in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University. 

I research the atmospheres of extrasolar planets (especially hot Jupiters):

  1. using three-dimensional numerical models to study their atmospheric circulation (employing a model of moderate complexity to consider a range of factors that may affect the flow, including the possible influence of magnetic drag and ohmic dissipation)

  2. trying to understand how the atmosphere connects to the planet as a whole (e.g., through exchange with the interior, as a boundary for the thermal evolution of the planet, and through the effects of ohmic heating)

  3. determining observational methods that can constrain models (e.g., eclipse mapping, phase curve observations, or using Doppler signatures in transit spectra to directly measure wind speeds)