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HiRISE Uplink Operations

HiRISE is a high-resolution camera currently in orbit around Mars on the MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) spacecraft. We take very detailed (25 cm/pixel) images of Mars in color and stereo. We also worked closely with the Phoenix mission doing landing site studies, relay and cooperative science.

HiRISE completed its primary science phase in November of 2008; we are now in an extended science mission. We helped find a landing site for the Mars Scence Laboratory (Curiosity), as well as perform relay and cooperative science since its arrival at Mars in 2012. MRO and HiRISE continue to do great science, as well as reconnaissance of potential landing sites for future missions.

  • 6,000+ HiRISE images I've planned. (Internal link for team members only for now, sorry!)
  • Image captions I've written.

  • Current members of the HiRISE Uplink Team:

    HiRISE for everyone:


    • PhD candidate working with Alfred McEwen.
    • Current projects: Morphology and statistics of small recent craters on Mars and the Moon; implications for current cratering rates, planetary chronologies, target material properties, seasonal variability of impact rate, and exploration hazards.
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