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September 2013> LPL Fieldtrip to New Mexico and the K/T Boundary
May 2013 Backpacking in the Grand Canyon
April 2013 Cherry blossoms in DC and Michelle's baby shower
October 2012 - April 2013 omg so much happens in 6 months!
September 2012 San Diego
August 2012 Visiting Andrew, Hiking on Mt. Lemmon, and HiRISE field trip to Idaho
July 2012 Connecticut and Vermont Family Reunion
July 2012 Moscow!
July 2012 Germany
September 2011 Tiff's party, Misc.
August 2011 Flagstaff
August 2011 Hawaii 4
August 2011 Hawaii 3
August 2011 Hawaii 2
August 2011 Hawaii 1
June/July 2011 Vegas party, Misc.
May 2011 Mexico
April 2011 Nashville with Mom
April 2011 Camping, Jumpsuit Day, and Marana car show
Feb-Mar 2011 Field Trip, Jade's wedding
January 2011 Vegas!
December 2010 Christmas, Mom & Dad visit, Biosphere2
December 2010 Misc. including Meghan's Christmas party and Joe digging some holes
Fall 2010 Post-Orals Party and Thanksgiving
October 2010 Halloween
16 October 2010 Bratfest XXXII
September 2010 Canyonlands Fieldtrip
August 2010 Camping, Downlink Day, misc.
July 2010 Misc. including Keri's wedding, Pat's birthday, crack dog, fireworks, Tiff & Jon's photoshoot & more
June/July 2010 Marissa & Brian's wedding, Hanging out in Connecticut, Misquamicut family vacation, goats
June 2010 San Francisco for Jamie & Ian's wedding & visiting Krista
June 2010 Jamie & Ian's bachelor/ette adventure; 80s night at Congress with Ben
May 2010 Birthday & Bacchanal
30 April 2010 Kidnapping Rob
April 2010 White Sands field trip
March & a little April 2010 Gem show, Ben visiting, HIPHOP Party, LPSC, Catherine's birthday, and a bunch of randoms
Jan-Feb 2010 Hiking & camping near Tucson
December 2009 Christmas 2009
November 2009 Field Trip to San Bernadino Volcanic Field
October 2009 Mom & Dad visit, Joe's 40th birthday party, Tasha's play, & Halloween
October 2009 DPS people & Jamie's wedding dress shopping
August-September 2009 Underpass Party, Phoebe Wears a Hat, New Refrigerator, Cheesecakes
July 2009 Daubar Family Vacation 2009
July 2009 Glacier National Park, HiRISE Team Meeting
June-July 2009 Misc. including Ben's going-away party
June 2009 Ben & Lisa get Married! also hiking on Mt. Wrightson.
June 2009 Krista gets Maui'd
April-May 2009 Assorted pics: Baby Carmen, D.C., birthday, Bacchanal...
18 April 2009 Military vehicles & planes
March-April 2009 Krista visits Tucson, LPSC, new mailbox, Visiting Stirling & Krista in San Francisco
Jan-Feb 2009 Inauguration, Mom visits, Valentine's Day & Misc.
12/31/08 Veronica & Catherine's New Year's party
Christmas 2008 Christmas 2008 part 3 - Massachusetts
Christmas 2008 Christmas 2008 part 2 - Connecticut
Christmas 2008 Christmas in Tucson with Ingrid & Joe & Ingrid's new camera.
October 2008 Halloween
September 2008 Aravaipa Canyon backpacking trip
August 2008 England trip for Gareth's wedding
August 2008 Vermont Family Reunion
July 2008 Mexico, backyard, crafts & animals, Katie & Jordy
May-July 2008 Bacchanal, car show
April-May 2008 googly eye craziness, new haircut, field trip
March 2008 Mount Wasson, Beer, Al's wedding
November 2007 Thanksgiving, clean house
September 2007 Anna & Alex's wedding, Bratfest
August-September 2007 Tamara's wedding, misc.
April 2007 Andrew & Michelle's wedding, palm trees
Previous by date, not as well organized...

Cell phone pictures are indexed on a different page, not very well-organized or captioned.

Some of my few videos are also posted on YouTube.

Please credit Ingrid Daubar for all pictures. Thank you!

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