January - February 2009

Inauguration, Mom visits, Valentine's Day & Misc other stuff that happened

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Cats sleeping on the couch and washing themselves in the sun. Incredibly boring, unless you really like cats.

Another video of Pico. Kind of boring. He plays with a toy and gets a little more talkative towards the end.

This one's better - Pico squawks and sings and talks a little.

Best yet - Pico plays with his disco ball to the tune of some classic rock. He even flies around!

More disco ball playing + classic rock. It just occured to me I should have been playing disco.

A video in which Stinky refuses to play with her toy, but you get to hear Joe burp.

Useless cat being boring again.

A short film wherein Stinky asserts her dominance.

I finally catch Stinky being "peppy" on film.

soo... tired... but must... catch... mouse...

Stash shows off her stuff.

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