by Jani Radebaugh

2015 Trips

Salton Sea Death Valley Argentine Puna

Zion Aug Zion June Missoula Floods

Entrada Sandstone Boise and Bruneau United Arab Emirates

2014 Trips

Hawaii Death Valley Portugal

Ithaca Beijing China Dunes

Escalante FlagToBoulder Russia

Uintas Spacefest Vanuatu

Antarctica New Zealand Bahamas

2013 Trips

Death Valley Homecoming Timp
Mono Lake Namibia Japan
Salton Sea Spacefest England
Brazil Grand Canyon

2012 Trips

United Arab Emirates Death Valley
Lone Peak Mount Nebo
Australia Sand Mountain Eclipse
Grand Canyon Spacefest IV Hawaii

2011 Trips

Death Valley Stream Table Taiwan
Grand Canyon Ethiopia Aspen Grove

2010 Trips

Racetrack Recon Egypt adventure
Death Valley Hike up Timp
Hawaii Scotland Io workshop
Garden of the Gods Great Sand Dunes Grand Canyon

2009 Trips

Death Valley Mojave Dunes Puerto Rico
Italy Tunisia India Hamblin Trip
Australia! Geo/Astro Club Meteorite Search Death Valley Flyover
Antarctica, ANSMET 08-09 New Zealand 09

2008 Trips

Death Valley Iceland Lassen and Crater Lake
White Sands Grand Canyon
Mars Rover Recon Death Valley Radar

2007 Trips

Hawaii Italy and Switzerland Grand Canyon

2006 Trips

Yellowstone Grand Canyon Rincons
Death Valley Antarctica 05-06 New Zealand

2005 Trips

Baja Hawaii Sentinel Plain
Baja scout trip Pinacates

2003-2004 Trips

Canyonlands Grand Canyon Io Jackson/Yellowstone
Hawaii Grand Canyon

2001-2002 Trips

Columbia River Gorge Hawaii PGG Argentina Altiplano

Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all of these pictures, thank you!