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West arm of Liwa

After our day on the Moreeb dune, we rented some four wheelers ("quad bikes") and drove around on the dunes. I should say we drove around the dunes, since any attempt to drive in sand got me immediately stuck. It was still fun zooming through the date palm fields and on some roadside sands. For our final day at the edge of the Rub Al Khali, we drove around the west arm of the Liwa Oasis. This road leads ultimately to the Saudi border, but given our experiences at various other borders along this trip, we decided to stop a few megabarchans north of there. Nonetheless, we did manage to satisfy my drive to gain great remoteness, since around 15 kms north of our final stop the traffic decreased dramatically and all the road signs ceased having any English. We stopped at the crest of a dune to fly the kite cam and to allow me to run around the dune summit briefly. We then headed north for Dubai.

GPS track of whole Liwa track:

GPS track of our quad bike ride on Google Earth:

Download the .kmz file

KMZ file of our drive north to Dubai:.kmz file

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P1080617 P1080618 P1080621
P1080626 P1080627 P1080638
P1080640 P1080641 P1080642
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Please credit Jani Radebaugh, thank you!