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My flight home was Dubai to Salt Lake City via Amsterdam and Minneapolis. I had a right side window, and got some fantastic views over territory mostly unseen by me previously. I saw cities, meandering rivers, mountain valleys and fans in Iraq(!), the snowy Caucuses of Georgia, the Black Sea (covered in clouds, unfortunately), snowy Germany, and lovely Amsterdam at close range on landing and takeoff. We then flew west toward the sun, thus preventing a full sunset, although we did fly far to the north. Thus, I had a long-lived view of the curved shadow of the Earth over my right shoulder. Finally, a lovely lake welcomed us to Minneapolis.

All pics are below.

P1080737 P1080738 P1080740
P1080742 P1080743 P1080744
P1080745 P1080748 P1080749
P1080751 P1080756 P1080757
P1080760 P1080762 P1080764
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P1080771 P1080773 P1080775
P1080776 P1080777 P1080779
P1080782 P1080786 P1080787
Please credit Jani Radebaugh, thank you!