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Ras Al Khaima

Our Alluvial Fans meeting was held in the Ras Al Khaima Emirate, north from Dubai along the coast. We wandered out as a group the first evening to see the city, including the beautiful RAK museum, and go to dinner together. Asma kindly had all of us over to dinner at her lovely home, which was a real treat. I love the giant map of the UAE she has in her guest room, and the beautiful atlas.

All pics are below.

P1070673 P1070674 P1070676
P1070677 P1070678 P1070679
P1070680 P1070681 P1070682
P1070688 P1070762 P1070767
P1070768 P1070769 P1070770
P1070773 P1070776 P1070778
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P1070900 P1070901
Please credit Jani Radebaugh, thank you!