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RAK Fan field trip

The first field trip during the meeting was held at a beautiful, large fan at the edge of Ras Al Khaima. We drove to the head of the fan and observed the large canyon that feeds the active channel incising the fan. We talked a lot about the maturing of blocks littering the fan surface and observed the layering of cobbles in the channel walls. We then drove north into a canyon cutting through the Musandam mountains north of Ras Al Khaima. Some beautiful structures associated with the closing of the Tethys Sea could be seen in the canyon wall limestones.

GPS track of drive on Google Earth:

Download the .kmz file

Landsat changes to RAK fan 1975-2010 (changematters.org):

Landsat changes to RAK fan 1975-2010, zoom out:

All pics are below.

P1070689 P1070690 P1070692
P1070696 P1070697 P1070698
P1070700 P1070702 P1070705
P1070706 P1070708 P1070709
P1070710 P1070711 P1070712
P1070714 P1070715 P1070716
P1070717 P1070718 P1070720
P1070721 P1070722 P1070723
P1070725 P1070726 P1070727
P1070731 P1070732 P1070734
P1070735 P1070737 P1070738
P1070739 P1070740 P1070742
P1070743 P1070745 P1070749
P1070750 P1070751 P1070752
P1070753 P1070754 P1070755
P1070759 P1070761
Please credit Jani Radebaugh, thank you!