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RAK Post Trip 1

We became narrowed down to a streamlined, intrepid group of field trippers when the majority of the group headed home. Undaunted by our losses, we headed out to find more fans on the border area of the UAE/Oman. Unfortunately, they allowed us to lunch, nap, and wait in our cars at the border for awhile just to be turned away in the end. But we still had a nice day making the Fujeira/RAK drive and stopping at some interesting locations on the way back. We got out and hiked up to some travertine or tufa deposits bordering the main highway. These structures reminded me of the reprecipitated limestones in Havasupai gorge or the tufa deposits in Heber, Utah. Some dark chert deposits also accompanied these travertines.

GPS track of drive on Google Earth:

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Please credit Jani Radebaugh, thank you!