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To Liwa

At this point in the trip, the remaining fans folks departed, leaving Ralph and I to head south into the desert. We took the Mad Max highway toward the Liwa Oasis, an ostensibly two-lane but functionally four-lane, straight swath of road through the sands of UAE. We paused at a couple of locations, first to fly the kite cam to great success, and then to take pictures at dunes that became ever larger toward the south. We did a lot of portraits on this day, for some reason - I guess for Ralph's book cover and for my mother (who complains there are never enough pictures of me on these trips - I more than made up for it this time).

GPS track of drive on Google Earth:

Download the .kmz file

All pics are below.

P1080367 P1080368 P1080370
P1080371 P1080374 P1080375
P1080377 P1080378 P1080381
P1080382 P1080384 P1080386
P1080387 P1080389 P1080392
P1080394 P1080395 P1080398
P1080399 P1080400 P1080401
P1080402 P1080403 P1080405
P1080410 P1080416 P1080417
P1080420 P1080421 P1080425
P1080426 P1080431 P1080432
P1080433 P1080435 P1080439
P1080441 P1080442 P1080443
P1080446 P1080448 P1080449
P1080450 P1080452 P1080455
P1080457 P1080458 P1080459
P1080461 P1080462 P1080463
P1080465 P1080466 P1080470
P1080473 P1080475
Please credit Jani Radebaugh, thank you!