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As usual, it is always hard to choose my favorite pictures from a trip, but I think this is a good cross section of everything we did in the UAE.

GPS track of our whole trip on Google Earth:

GPS track of Rub Al Khali linear dune hike on Google Earth:

Picture from Ralph's kite cam:


Part of the lovely FOUNTAIN SHOW at the Burj Khalifa.


All pics are below.

Dubai's Persian Bastakiya old town P1070641 Bastakiya wind towers by day P1070649 With Isaac from Iraq in RAK P1070674
Germary in the RAK museum P1070676 RAK museum P1070680 The group on the RAK fan P1070708
Feeder valley for the active channel P1070710 Daniel studies the fan sediments P1070712 The active fan channel P1070717
Group talk at the large channel cobbles P1070720 Strange streaky erosion of limestones from rainfall? P1070726 Some neat folds from the Tethys sea closure P1070742
Flags of UAE P1070743 More neat folds - breaking at one end P1070750 Jim for scale in the channel P1070759
Asma handles logistics P1070761 RAK and mosque at sunset P1070762 Semail ophiolite serpentinite P1070787
Ophiolites and dunes P1070789 Shahrazad, Yehouda and Gary have fun with ophiolites P1070798 More dunes and ophiolites P1070802
Thick deposits at the base of the ophiolites P1070829 Dario figures it out P1070830 Experimental group-pic-from-within P1070849
In front of the fan P1070852 Isaac for scale P1070858 Beachside lunch of goat (whole thing!) on rice P1070863
On the beach sediments P1070874 Happy to be at the ophiolite P1070882 Shahrazad on the beach P1070889
At Asma's house for dinner P1070895 Asma and her beautiful UAE image P1070896 Peridotite! P1070907
Yehouda gathers sediments P1070921 The gang on top of the travertines P1070940 Semail Ophiolite P1070957
Big dunes north of Al Ain P1070973 Ophiolites and dunes - is there a theme? P1070974 Yummy Lebanese lunch P1070992
The amazing Jebel Hafeet road P1080017 Ralph and Poppe taking time lapse P1080043 Sunset from Jebel Hafeet P1080048
Big dunes of the Rub Al Khali P1080095 One of the frequent settlements P1080099 Poppe for scale P1080116
Some carbonates litter the ripple surfaces P1080122 Allison on dune P1080138 Group trek down a linear dune P1080150
Martin makes a break for the border P1080164 Intrepid Anne P1080182 Ralph on a slip face P1080183
Self portrait with dune P1080192 Ralph, Anne, and interdune P1080197 The same interdune as in the previous pic, from a different angle P1080201
Lovely contrast P1080205 Tiny barchan on interdune floor P1080205PC081059 The right stuff P1080218
Ralph flies his kite cam P1080228 Reeling it in takes work P1080237 My view for the post-meeting trip P1080266
Heading up to brother of Jebel Hafeet for fans P1080268 Asma and the fan P1080283 Yehouda up the drainage P1080294
Baby camel! P1080300 The university in Al Ain P1080310 Class time P1080311
Bastakiya by night P1080327 Jim and mosque P1080333 Lovely mosque in Bur Dubai P1080335
Bur Dubai from a river boat P1080346 Driving through downtown Dubai P1080354 Lovely barchan P1080370
Infinity shot P1080392 Carbonates, probably ocean, mixed with quartz sands P1080398 Layered barchans P1080400
Nice soft light P1080426 Happy among the dunes P1080446 The dune is moving P1080452
Giant megabarchan mountains P1080457 Sunset P1080463 Lovely Liwa Hotel P1080475
Somehow - a road P1080485 Salty/muddy interdune P1080487 Giant dune P1080489
Barchans and interdunes P1080538 Ralph on a survey P1080541 The translucent red sands P1080546
Falconers and falcons P1080570 Hiking up the dune P1080590 My view from the top - does that look far? P1080590PC111299
Me and falcon! P1080597 Ralph and sand board P1080604 Quad bike adventure P1080617
Zooming along P1080617PC111318 The sands of the UAE P1080640 Ralph's purple shirt great on the tan dune P1080674
Burj Khalifa P1080704 Self portrait at the Burj P1080710 Cities of Iraq P1080745
Fans of Iraq! P1080767 Amsterdam P1080786 The shadow of the Earth P1080787
Please credit Jani Radebaugh, thank you!