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This is about the third version of the favorites page, each one slightly smaller than the last. Since there are still nearly 100 pictures here, you can see it was hard to trim. Because most of the ones with me in them are taken by others, I've got a fair number in here from Ralph, Jason and Alex, and I've credited them in the text on this page. The other location pages have videos and maps, so don't forget to look at them. Enjoy!

GPS on Google Earth of our location in Africa and our route:

Sand dune personal training while doing GPR (by Jason Barnes).

All pics are below.

One of the Gibeon meteorites on display in Windhoek P1000410 A big linear dune south of Gobabeb P1000459 P1000462
At work on the dune crest - from Jason P1000471jason P1000476 Dune hunters and saltation - from Jason P1000476jason
Out on dune south of Gobabeb - from Jason P1000533jason Alex, Ralph and Jason in the interdune P1000545 Collecting an OSL sample P1000560
Cars for scale P1000615 Steep slip face in shadow P1000625 Clay and Karl heading down after a full day P1000642
The view outside my window in Gobabeb P1000673 Same dune, now in morning light P1000684 Little springbok P1000700
Ralph, Karl and kite P1000712 From Jason P1000712jason Jason Barnes P1000750
GPR setup P1000802 Karl, Clay and Titus at work on the little linear dune P1000817 Oops P1000872
Look for Jason on top of the granite dome P1000894 At the top of Dune 7 - 80 m slip face P1000902 Swakopmond dune in low light P1000913
P1000937 P1000969 Sands pouring into the Kuiseb River P1010069
Happy on the scenic flight - from Ralph P1010070ralph Dead Vlie from the air - from Ralph P1010108ralph P1010122
Ralph in the air P1010124 Big and little linears P1010130 Almost a star dune P1010140
Barchans streaked with red sands P1010155 Sands and ocean P1010196 Look for the flamingos P1010218
P1010324 Roy Miller helps out the gang P1010356jason On the rim of Roter Kamm P1010370
A very happy Ralph at Roter Kamm P1010386 Karl in the coolest picture ever P1010394 Clay on dune P1010406
Quartzite and dark cataclasite vein P1010411 chameleon! P1010424 P1010430
Camp at Roter Kamm P1010432 Awesome view P1010433 da boyz P1010437
P1010438 P1010440 P1010452
Last known picture P1010455 Vernon digs the OSL sample, Roy supports P1010470 Roy on the Roter Kamm rim P1010504
Roter Kamm from kitecam - from Ralph P1010504ralph Roy and Ralph P1010510 Karl P1010511
Thick fog pours off the highland plateau outside Aus P1010562 Oryx P1010595 Zebras! P1010636
Heading up Big Daddy at Dead Vlie P1010698 Polygons in Dead Vlie P1010702 The BYU gang - Clay, Karl and Jani - from Ralph P1010707ralph
Alex, dune and pan P1010724 art shot P1010729 Clay, Jani and Alex - from Jason P1010735jason
P1010741 P1010744 From Jason P1010747jason
Bottom of Dead Vlie P1010750 From Jason P1010751jason P1010759
Dead trees on dead vlie P1010777 P1010795 Jason and dune at Dead Vlie P1010798
Springbok, Alex, Jason P1010805 P1010811 Ostriches! P1010823
Dinner at Moon Mountain Lodge P1010862 Vintage car at Solitaire P1010878 Pepper the mesmerizing cheetah P1010904
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!