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over the Namib Sand Sea

This overflight of the sand sea, for 2 hours from Swakopmond through Scenic Air, was absolutely spectacular and well worth the time and effort. Many new scientific observations came out of the short two hours that will make it into papers. The route is below - we approached the sand sea near Gobabeb, then continued southeast over Tsondabvlei, south to Sossusvlei, west to the coast, and north. You can see many dune morphologies and sand colors across the flight. Look for the interaction of the dunes with the Kuiseb River near the beginning, the many different kinds of dunes adjacent to the large linears, the softening and shrinking of the dunes toward the coast, and the shoreline water/dune interactions.

GPS on Google Earth of our track:


Flying over dunes and salt pans at Sossusvlei
Nearly star-shaped linear dunes.
Lovely, soft linear dunes.
Clouds near the coast give things some depth.

All pics are below.

P1000977 P1000978 P1000980
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P1000998 P1010001 P1010002
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P1010073 P1010074 P1010075
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P1010079 P1010080 P1010081
P1010082 P1010083 P1010084
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P1010088 P1010089 P1010090
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P1010100 P1010101 P1010102
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P1010112 P1010113 P1010114
P1010116 P1010117 P1010118
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P1010123 P1010127 P1010128
P1010130 P1010131 P1010132
P1010135 P1010137 P1010138
P1010141 P1010142 P1010143
P1010145 P1010146 P1010147
P1010148 P1010149 P1010151
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P1010157 P1010158 P1010159
P1010160 P1010161 P1010162
P1010163 P1010166 P1010168
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P1010172 P1010173 P1010176
P1010177 P1010180 P1010183
P1010185 P1010186 P1010187
P1010189 P1010190 P1010192
P1010193 P1010195 P1010197
P1010198 P1010200 P1010202
P1010203 P1010204 P1010208
P1010209 P1010211 P1010212
P1010213 P1010215 P1010217
P1010219 P1010223 P1010224
P1010225 P1010226 P1010227
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!