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and the northern Sand Sea

We had the opportunity to stay at the Gobabeb Research Station, looted on the northern banks of the Kuiseb River, and a gateway to the northern portions of the Sand Sea. We were taken into the dunes over two days by Theo Wassenaar and Titus Shuuya in Gobabeb 4x4s, driving over soft dune sands very capably, and helping a lot with our field research. The first day we found the tallest linear dune within easy reach of the station and did a GPR trace over this dune (taking most of the day!) and taking OSL samples of the interdune and lower dune plinth. The second day we traveled farther south, to the border of Tsondab Vlei, where the ephemeral river had sliced through the dunes, and walked around the barchanoid features there. On the way back, we GPRd a small linear dune in the interdune region. Both days were very successful, and we learned a lot. We also saw a lot of wildlife.

GPS on Google Earth of our track:

Closeup of our trace on the big linear dune:

Closeup of our trace on the small, southern linear dune:


Running springboks.
Sand dune training (by Jason Barnes) while doing GPR.

All pics are below.

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P1000753 P1000754 P1000755
P1000757 P1000758 P1000760
P1000761 P1000762 P1000763
P1000764 P1000765 P1000766
P1000767 P1000768 P1000769
P1000770 P1000773 P1000775
P1000776 P1000777 P1000779
P1000780 P1000781 P1000782
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Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!