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Rosh Pinah

and there and back again

This features pictures taken on the road from Windhoek south to Rosh Pinah, via paved and dirt roads, and then north from there to Aus, Sossusvlei, and back to Windhoek. The pictures from the car show a mostly wide open desert terrain throughout the south of the country. You'll find images of large, tan kudu, big black/white/tan oryx, even zebras from a distance, and baboons near Windhoek. We had an ethereal early morning fog pouring off the upland plateaus just outside Aus.

GPS on Google Earth of our track, top half:

GPS on Google Earth of our track, Aus to Rosh Pinah:

All pics are below.

P1010247 P1010253 P1010254
P1010255 P1010257 P1010259
P1010262 P1010263 P1010266
P1010268 P1010269 P1010270
P1010271 P1010273 P1010280
P1010281 P1010282 P1010286
P1010287 P1010288 P1010290
P1010291 P1010292 P1010293
P1010294 P1010297 P1010298
P1010300 P1010301 P1010302
P1010303 P1010304 P1010548
P1010549 P1010552 P1010553
P1010557 P1010560 P1010561
P1010562 P1010563 P1010564
P1010565 P1010567 P1010570
P1010571 P1010574 P1010575
P1010576 P1010577 P1010578
P1010581 P1010582 P1010584
P1010586 P1010594 P1010595
P1010596 P1010597 P1010600
P1010601 P1010602 P1010603
P1010605 P1010606 P1010607
P1010610 P1010612 P1010614
P1010615 P1010616 P1010619
P1010620 P1010623 P1010624
P1010625 P1010626 P1010627
P1010628 P1010629 P1010631
P1010632 P1010634 P1010635
P1010636 P1010637 P1010638
P1010639 P1010642 P1010643
P1010645 P1010646 P1010647
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!