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Roter Kamm

Impact crater

With the help of Roy Miller, former director of the Namib Geological Survey, we ventured out into the wilds of the Sperrgebeit, the forbidden Zone, to the Roter Kamm impact structure. This 5 million year old feature is nearly 3 km across and has many unique rim rocks intact. The crater is filled with sand and silt and is being overrun by dunes. We walked the rim, scrutinized the rocks, imaged the structure with handheld cameras and the kite cam, dragged the GPR across the entire crater, and took an OSL sample from the crater center. We had a wonderful couple of days exploring the crater and camping just beyond its rim. Vernon, of Frantic Naturalist, kitted us out and cooked us some amazing meals. We loved being out in the remote desert, just the desert creatures for company, with bright stars overhead.

GPS on Google Earth of the crater:

All pics are below.

P1010305 P1010306 P1010307
P1010309 P1010314 P1010315
P1010316 P1010317 P1010318
P1010321 P1010324 P1010325
P1010326 P1010327 P1010328
P1010329 P1010331 P1010332
P1010334 P1010335 P1010336
P1010337 P1010338 P1010339
P1010340 P1010341 P1010342
P1010343 P1010344 P1010345
P1010346 P1010347 P1010348
P1010349 P1010350 P1010352
P1010353 P1010354 P1010355
P1010356 P1010357 P1010359
P1010360 P1010361 P1010363
P1010364 P1010365 P1010366
P1010370 P1010372 P1010373
P1010374 P1010376 P1010377
P1010378 P1010379 P1010380
P1010381 P1010382 P1010383
P1010386 P1010387 P1010388
P1010389 P1010390 P1010391
P1010392 P1010393 P1010394
P1010395 P1010397 P1010398
P1010400 P1010402 P1010403
P1010404 P1010405 P1010406
P1010407 P1010408 P1010409
P1010410 P1010411 P1010413
P1010415 P1010421 P1010422
P1010423 P1010424 P1010425
P1010426 P1010429 P1010430
P1010431 P1010432 P1010433
P1010434 P1010436 P1010437
P1010438 P1010440 P1010441
P1010442 P1010444 P1010446
P1010447 P1010448 P1010452
P1010455 P1010456 P1010457
P1010458 P1010459 P1010461
P1010462 P1010463 P1010464
P1010465 P1010467 P1010468
P1010469 P1010470 P1010471
P1010472 P1010473 P1010474
P1010475 P1010479 P1010480
P1010483 P1010484 P1010485
P1010486 P1010487 P1010489
P1010491 P1010492 P1010493
P1010494 P1010495 P1010496
P1010497 P1010498 P1010499
P1010501 P1010503 P1010504
P1010505 P1010506 P1010507
P1010508 P1010509 P1010510
P1010511 P1010512 P1010513
P1010515 P1010516 P1010517
P1010518 P1010519 P1010521
P1010522 P1010524 P1010525
P1010526 P1010528 P1010529
P1010530 P1010531 P1010532
P1010533 P1010534 P1010535
P1010536 P1010537 P1010538
P1010539 P1010540 P1010541
P1010542 P1010544 P1010545
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!