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Dune Paradise

We took the opportunity to stop at Sossusvlei on the way back north from Roter Kamm crater. This is a big tourist destination, featuring towering, red dunes, sliced by an ephemeral river that also deposits bright white salt pans at the dune base. Dead Vlei adds skeletal trees to the dune/pan backdrop. You'll also find pictures of our charming Moon Mountain Lodge from that night, a safari-like collection of individual tented lodges all overlooking the broad valley. It was my favorite place of the trip. Finally, you'll see pictures of Pepper the cheetah and her steady orange gaze.

GPS on Google Earth of our hike to Dead Vlei:


Riding in the Land Cruiser to Dead Vlei
Moon Mountain Lodge staff serenades us.
Watching the mesmerizing cheetah Pepper.

All pics are below.

P1010649 P1010651 P1010653
P1010654 P1010655 P1010656
P1010657 P1010658 P1010659
P1010660 P1010663 P1010664
P1010665 P1010666 P1010668
P1010669 P1010670 P1010671
P1010673 P1010677 P1010679
P1010680 P1010683 P1010684
P1010685 P1010686 P1010688
P1010689 P1010690 P1010692
P1010694 P1010696 P1010697
P1010698 P1010700 P1010701
P1010702 P1010703 P1010704
P1010705 P1010707 P1010708
P1010709 P1010710 P1010711
P1010714 P1010715 P1010716
P1010717 P1010718 P1010719
P1010722 P1010723 P1010724
P1010726 P1010728 P1010729
P1010730 P1010732 P1010733
P1010734 P1010735 P1010736
P1010737 P1010738 P1010741
P1010742 P1010743 P1010744
P1010745 P1010746 P1010747
P1010748 P1010749 P1010750
P1010751 P1010753 P1010754
P1010755 P1010756 P1010758
P1010759 P1010761 P1010762
P1010763 P1010764 P1010765
P1010767 P1010768 P1010769
P1010770 P1010771 P1010772
P1010773 P1010774 P1010775
P1010776 P1010777 P1010778
P1010779 P1010780 P1010782
P1010783 P1010784 P1010785
P1010786 P1010787 P1010788
P1010789 P1010790 P1010792
P1010793 P1010795 P1010796
P1010797 P1010798 P1010800
P1010802 P1010805 P1010807
P1010808 P1010809 P1010810
P1010811 P1010817 P1010820
P1010821 P1010823 P1010824
P1010827 P1010828 P1010830
P1010831 P1010833 P1010834
P1010836 P1010837 P1010839
P1010840 P1010841 P1010847
P1010848 P1010849 P1010851
P1010852 P1010853 P1010862
P1010863 P1010864 P1010865
P1010866 P1010868 P1010869
P1010872 P1010873 P1010875
P1010876 P1010877 P1010878
P1010879 P1010881 P1010882
P1010883 P1010885 P1010886
P1010888 P1010890 P1010891
P1010892 P1010893 P1010894
P1010896 P1010902 P1010903
P1010904 P1010905 P1010909
P1010911 P1010912 P1010913
P1010914 P1010916 P1010917
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!