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and the north

A second home base for us, or perhaps stopover point, was Swakopmond, the nice little German seaside town north of Gobabeb. We got a brief glimpse on our way to Gobabeb, then took more time to see the sights on our way back out. We stopped at a large granite intrusion that has been unroofed (look for Jason on top of the big dome opposite us) and eroded in the carapace-hole birdhouse style characteristic of deserts. Some of my favorite dunes of the trip are in a narrow strip between Walvis Bay and Swakopmond, large star-linears that are some of the tallest dunes in the country. We did some quad biking (four wheeling) next to Dune 7, famous for its giant slip face, and had a really spectacular 45 minute ride across low dune plinths and salt pans. We stopped at some small barchans and domes cascading off a larger dune, which we caught at sundown, always great light for dunes. We stayed at the lovely Rossmond golf course east of town, with all the springboks.

GPS on Google Earth of our route:

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Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!