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As always, how do you choose? You'll find a lot here to please your geologic mind - fountains of lava, lakes of lava on Earth and Io (a night picture of Jupiter!), black sand beaches and islands from the air. You'll also find plenty of general aesthetics - blues (water and starfish), greens (jungles), reds (lava and starfish), whites (corals) and blacks (lavas, ash and black sand beaches). New this trip - GoPro underwater shots. Enjoy!


Giant compilation videos of lava erupting on Ambrym and Yasur can be found here

One of the great hikes of my life - to Marum lava lake!
Marum lava lake
Lovely, belching Yasur eruption
Love this beautiful scuba swim through
Starfish! lots of colors

All pics are below.

P1050869 P1050870 P1050877
P1050878-GOPR0016 P1050878-GOPR0036 P1050922
P1050927 P1050955 P1050986
P1050994 P1060032 P1060083
P1060116 P1060122 P1060124
P1060126 P1060170 P1060173
P1060177 P1060179 P1060199
P1060204 P1060206 P1060216
P1060227 P1060234 P1060237
P1060247 P1060250 P1060260
P1060267 P1060269 P1060272
P1060279 P1060285 P1060306
P1060309 P1060333 P1060336
P1060338 P1060345 P1060346
P1060363 P1060369 P1060370
P1060386 P1060387 P1060393
P1060397 P1060417 P1060420
P1060428 P1060438 P1060452
P1060460 P1060469 P1060471-GOPR0062
P1060471 P1060502 P1060524
P1060563 P1060575 P1060585
P1060597 P1060600 P1060605
P1060609 P1060614 P1060618
P1060634 P1060642 P1060644
P1060658 P1060660 P1060674
P1060680 P1060683 P1060693
P1060705 P1060725 P1060744
P1060751 P1060755 P1060758
P1060763 P1060789 P1060821
P1060852 P1060860 P1060865
P1060900 P1060916 P1060928
P1060942 P1060948 P1060951
P1060952-GOPR0093 P1060952-GOPR0120 P1060952-GOPR0125
P1060972 P1060984 P1060992
P1060993 P1070015 P1070028
P1070029-GOPR0153 P1070039 P1070046
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!