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So cool to have a GoPro Hero Black with me to show the other side of my trips - the underwater part! I usually try to do a dive, snorkel, swim while I'm near water. You get to see a little of all three here. Our dive was with Nautilus, just out of Port Vila, and we did Twin Bommies.


Out with Charmaine on the northwest of Vila snorkeling
Zibi, Ralph and Claudio in ULTRA clear water on Ambrym
Start of our dive, Clayton is below
Love this beautiful scuba swim through
Clayton maneuvering past the reef bombs
Some beautiful antler corals and other corals
Starfish! lots of colors

All pics are below.

GOPR0001 GOPR0006 GOPR0009
GOPR0016 GOPR0025 GOPR0029
GOPR0036 GOPR0045 GOPR0056
GOPR0062 GOPR0077 GOPR0078
GOPR0083 GOPR0093 GOPR0099
GOPR0101 GOPR0109 GOPR0110
GOPR0111 GOPR0118 GOPR0120
GOPR0124 GOPR0125 GOPR0141
GOPR0142 GOPR0145 GOPR0146
GOPR0152 GOPR0153 GOPR0158
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!