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Back Down the Mountain

And then it came time to head back down. We were again a train of scientists, filmmakers, porters and dogs, though things were a tad less wet on this day. Sun peeked through the clouds, presenting us a riot of green. I was amazed at the group of fast-moving woman/girl porters who cruised by us at one point. We all made it down intact, with minor slippage and sliding around, and I enjoyed the enveloping, warm, humid air. A long truck ride through jungle paths back to our lodging made me sink into a haze of exhaustion, satisfaction and bliss. We spent the next day recovering in our beds and on the beach.


Coming down the ash hill

All pics are below.

P1060431 P1060432 P1060434
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P1060531 P1060532 P1060533
P1060534 P1060536 P1060537
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!