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Hike to the Caldera

This is one of the hikes of my life. In a troupe of scientists, porters and dogs we ascended a riverbed of ash and cinders, winding our way through the gushing river and up through many levels of jungle to arrive on a black ash plain. We earned our rest that night, taking about 5 hours to ascend to the base camp. Everything was so beautiful, lush, humid and just utterly foreign. Especially for us desert folk. It felt, again, like it was right out of Indiana Jones - I wondered if I'd get a dart in my neck at some point. All of that plus a volcano at the top - paradise!


Lucas flies his little quadcopter
Waves crash during a pretty big storm on our first night

All pics are below.

P1060084 P1060085 P1060088
P1060089 P1060090 P1060091
P1060092 P1060095 P1060096
P1060097 P1060098 P1060100
P1060101 P1060103 P1060105
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P1060179 P1060180 P1060182
P1060184 P1060185 P1060186
P1060188 P1060190 P1060194
P1060195 P1060199 P1060200
P1060201 P1060202 P1060203
P1060204 P1060205 P1060206
P1060207 P1060208 P1060209
P1060210 P1060213
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!