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Day/Night at Marum Crater

We spent the remainder of the afternoon staring at the lake of lava, taking pictures and video, and acquiring data for its temperature and variability over time. The conditions were challenging - it was very windy, fairly cold, and the rim of the crater was difficult to approach in a way that allowed us to gaze directly down into the lake. We found some comfortable locations and managed to get lots of good data. As night fell, I stayed with the mountaineers, Pepe, Makoto and Clayton, and watched the sun go down and the lake illuminate the vast steam cloud emerging from it. One shot I got was of Jupiter - and Io and its lava lakes - and the Marum steam cloud illuminated by its lava lake. I slept so cozily, though restlessly - at the edge of the mouth into the middle of Earth. The next morning, I said goodbye to the Brazilian crew and Brad and Geoff of the Kiwi group and headed down the mountain.


Giant compilation videos can be found here

Lava lake video 1
Lava lake video 2
Lava lake video 3
Lava lake video 4
Lava lake (you can hear the lake, not just the wind!)video 5

All pics are below.

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P1060429 P1060430
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!