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The volcano Yasur, on Tanna, is such a spectacular volcano. It is constantly erupting with throaty belches of steam, ash and lava, sometimes in Strombolian fountains that rise above the crater rim, 250 m above the volcanic vents. It really is like watching a fireworks show as you settle in for a long afternoon and evening. I could have stayed forever, and we all got our fill of pictures and videos. It was neat, and a little intimidating, to look at all the fresh cowpie bombs scattered among your picnic items. You have to talk yourself into being a little invincible, or at least lucky.



Giant compilation videos can be found here

Steam rises up from the crater walls
A large ash plume moves over us
More ash cloud movement over us
Lovely, belching Yasur eruption
More from Yasur, with a surprise at the end!
The awesome Air Vanuatu pilot gives us a Yasur flyover!

All pics are below.

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P1060825 P1060827 P1060828
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P1060837 P1060838 P1060839
P1060840 P1060842 P1060843
P1060844 P1060845 P1060852
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P1060897 P1060901 P1060902
P1060903 P1060927 P1060928
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!