Juan M. Lora

Postdoctoral Scholar, UCLA EPSS

About Me

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My research interests focus on atmospheric modeling. I have primarily studied the climate and paleoclimate of Saturn's moon Titan, and am also involved in studies of Titan's surface, using a combination of data from Cassini-Huygens and numerical modeling. The latter mostly involves a detailed general circulation model (GCM) that I have adapted for modeling Titan's climate.

I am a postdoc at the University of California, Los Angeles, working with Jonathan Mitchell and Aradhna Tripati on climate simulations of Titan and paleo-Earth.

I recently received my Ph.D. in planetary sciences from the University of Arizona. Details are here:

Dissertation (2014): Radiation and dynamics in Titan's atmosphere: Investigations of Titan's present and past climate

Advisors: Joellen Russell, Jonathan Lunine