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Dr. H. Jay Melosh

Bibliography and Vita (.pdf)

With LPL since: 1982

Outreach article on the giant impact Origin of the Moon

The Crater Program to determine crater sizes or projectile diameters based on input parameters.

TEKTON - Finite element code for numerical analyses of tectonic problems.

SALES_2 - Hydrocode for studying fluid flow at all speeds.

Current Projects:
* Impact Equations of State for geologic materials
* Chemistry of impact-vaporized rocks
* Viability of microorganisms in impacts and in space (joint with Prof. Wayne Nicholson of the U of Az Veterinary Sciences department).
* Seismic study of the Chicxulub impact crater (collaboration with U. of Texas, Austin).
* Mechanics of crater collapse and landslides
* Spall mechanics of ejection of rocks from other planets
* Tectonics of Europa
* Dynamic fragmentation in impacts (with the Planetary Science Institute)
* Giant impact theory of the Moon's origin

Current LPL PhD students:
* Jim Richardson
*Abigail Scheffer

Current LPL postdocs:
*Gareth Collins

Classes taught:
* PtyS 505b Planetary Physics
* PtyS 554 Planetary Surface Processes
* PtyS 571 Terrestrial Planets
* PtyS 594a Field Geology Practicum (field trip)

Selected Memberships/Committee Positions:
* Member: AGU, Geological Society of America, Meteoritical Society, AAAS

Spacecraft involvement:
* Deep Impact - artificial impact on comet Tempel 1

Papers (.pdf)
* Asteroid Aggregates
* Hazards due to Comets and Asteroids
* Impact Crater Collapse
* Intersteller Panspermia
* Mars Meteorites
* Temperature of Europa's ocean
* Impacts do not cause volcanic eruptions
* Shatter cone formation
* Shock wave rise times
* Mobility of large rockslides
* Mechanics of pseudotachylite formation

Abstracts (.pdf)
* Impact Modeling
* Impact Volcanism
* Silverpit Crater Collapse
* Small impacts do not make big waves

Recent references:
* MELOSH, H. J. and IVANOV, B. A. (1998) Impact crater collapse, Ann. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci. 27, 385-415.

* PIERAZZO, E. AND MELOSH, H. J. (1999) Hydrocode modeling of Chicxulub as an oblique impact event, Earth and Planet. Sci. Lett. 165, 163-176.

* MELOSH, H. J. (1998) Blast Off, The Sciences 38, no. 4, 40-46.

* MELOSH, H. J. and RYAN, E. V. (1997) Asteroids: Shattered but not dispersed Icarus, 129, 562-564.

* MELOSH, H. J. (1996) Dynamical weakening of faults by acoustic fluidization, Nature, 379, 601-606.

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