Kim's Rakusu Ring or Rakusu Rings Photos Area

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From Wood Grown and Harvested at The ZDS Zendo

Sun., Sept. 21, 2003: From wood I slabbed on Sept. 20,2003 from cured timber collected from the leaning Aleppo Pine tree cut from West of our zendo building about three years ago, I turned this rakusu ring on the lathe at home today for Kim (Kim: let me know when you'd like this: next Saturday at the zendo, perhaps? Or sooner, if you'd like). For this image of the completed and polished ring (three layers of buffed carnauba wax), I put the ring off- center of the center-line of my scanner, so that the thickness of the ring will also be seen (0.440 inch thick, at center). The wood has been "quarter-sawn", and the prominent Aleppo Pine grain is thus featured to best advantage with this type of slabbing.

Kim's Aleppo Pine rakusu ring, scanned on the flatbed scanner directly on the centerline of the scanner bed. The thickness of the ring thus cannot be seen, but the grain is well lighted.

Kim's rakusu ring scanned on the flatbed scanner with the cover of the scanner OPEN, so that the Aleppo Pine rakusu ring is seen against a black background: this view will help to visualize the ring in anticipation of its being incorporated into the context of a rakusu sewn of black cloth.