J.D. Jean's Rakusu Ring or Rakusu Rings Photos Area

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Rings made by J. Montani, which J.D. Jean may choose from

Mon., Dec. 13, 2004: This view of the two rakusu rings resting directly on the scanner bed shows the Cocobolo (Mexican Rosewood) ring at the left, and the Australian Lacewood ring at right. The tiny dark sector at the top of the inside of the center hole of each ring is an artefact of the scanning process: the center hole of each ring is in fact accurately circular. J.D., see this view, and also see the next view (with black background), to help you choose which ring to adopt as your own.

The rakusu rings, scanned on the flatbed scanner with the cover of the scanner OPEN, so that the two rings are seen against a black background: this view will help to visualize each ring in anticipation of the likelihood of its being incorporated into the context of a rakusu sewn of black cloth (although rakusus of brown cloth, and even of denim(!) are also sometimes made).