RAC Color

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These images are of Valles Baker dirt (De) samples. For each image shown, there are many others. Images were done at most standard focus positions (4 to 7 positions get everything in focus). I made color images of the 16-mm and 11-mm sets. These are in focus at 15-18 mm with 46 microns / pixel and at 10-11 mm with 25 microns/pixel.

Top images: ~3.3 mm / screen inch

Bottom images: ~1.8 mm / screen inch


Fines far

Fines near


Pebbles far

Pebbles near

30 cm deep

30 cm far

30 cm near

40 cm deep

40 cm far

40 cm near

50 cm deep

50 cm far

50 cm near

50 cm deep, revisited

This image has the scoop tilted to see fyrther back. The focus range is 46-64 mm, and there are 122 microns / pixel at 54 mm distance.

50 cm far