RAC test panoramic images

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Below is the top tier of the landing site pan, simulated left eye view. For stereo coverage from one camera, the left eye is simulated as the right quarter of the field of view, and the right eye is the left quarter; there is a Robotic Arm rotation of ~38 degrees to get left and right coverage of the same scene (for the two-tier horizon pan). A second tier will be added soon.

Click on the smal image to get the full image (6372 X 600 pixels), oversampled at 1.01 mrad / pixel, so 6232 pixels=360 degrees and there is some overlap in the right and lefts ends.

Click here to see the large pan without the correction for lander tilt (shown at 2.8 Mbits).


These are section of the larger pan showing interesting stereo. Click each to see a larger view. The tilt correction has not yet been applied.

Anaglyph 1

Anaglyph 2

Anaglyph 3

Anaglyph 4