Hubble Space Telescope map of Titan's surface

The latitude ranges from 60 deg South to 60 deg North, the longitude from 0 to 360 (E longitude increasing to the right, following the geographical--as opposed to astronomical--convention), with 180 in the center. The grid is 30 deg in latitude and in longitude. The sub-Saturn point is at 0 E, 0 N, and the sub-Earth latitude is 7 N. The contour lines are at 2% intervals.

This map was made from the 8 F1042M images of Titan, which are primarily sensitive to the 0.94 micron methane window. At the beginning of our obsering period, the sub-Earth longitude was about 240 E. Most of the images were spaced by 32 hours and gave us near complete coverage of the surface, with the exception of a 96 hour gap centered near 10 deg and an additional gap near 180 deg (note the bad agreement with the F850LP map here).

To make the map, the haze background was subtracted from each image, leaving only surface features. The larger and brighter features are all real, that is, observed in multiple images. Some of the smaller brightness may be from clouds, and the very small and less contrasty "features" are likely to be noise. Signal to noise in the original images was about 200:1, and the range of contrast shown is plus or minus about 5% from the mean. Note that the map is an albedo map -- the brightness may be related to topography, but is not directly caused by topography.

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