Hubble Space Telescope map of Titan's surface

The latitude ranges from 60 deg South to 60 deg North, the longitude from 0 to 360 (E longitude increasing to the right, following the geographical--as opposed to astronomical--convention), with 180 in the center. The grid is 30 deg in latitude and in longitude. The sub-Saturn point is at 0 E, 0 N, and the sub-Earth latitude is 7 N. The contour lines are at 2% intervals. Want to see the color table? Click here. The grey areas and red borders were not imaged.

This map was made from the 7 F673N images of Titan, which are sensitive to red light. At the beginning of our obsering period, the sub-Earth longitude was about 240 E. The images were taken approximately every seven hours. During the time these images were taken, the large bright feature slowly moved off of the observable disk. In themselves, the images do not reliably demonstrate surface features. However, the bright region in the F673N map appears to be the same as that visible in the longer wavelength maps. Much of what you see is noise; the light from the surface has almost certainly been scattered once or twice on its way out of the haze. This wavelength is longer than those used by the Voyager cameras, but the contrast is still small (~1%).

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