The four faces of Titan

Upper left: Titan's leading hemisphere (faces Earth at greatest eastern elongation). Upper right: the anti-Saturn hemisphere. Lower right: the trailing hemisphere (faces Earth at greatest western elongation). Lower left: the Saturn-facing hemisphere. Ground based astronomers have established that, at longer wavelengths to which Titan's haze is nearly invisible, Titan is consistently brightest just after eastern elongation (between upper left and upper right images). The darkest side (from the ground based observers) is near western elongation (lower right).

These images are a mosaic made from the original 850LP images ( that is, the Hubble images have not been deconvolved). The total contrast is only plus or minus about 4% of the total light collected through the filter. The grey area at the top and bottom shows regions which could not be imaged through the haze . The gap in coverage extends to near the equator at about 10 deg longitude (top left) due to a 96 hour gap in coverage.

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