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July, 2014


50 years of brown dwarfs : from prediction to discovery to forefront of research / edited by V. Joergens. [QB843 .B77 F54 2014]


Analysis of starlight : two centuries of astronomical spectroscopy / by J.B. Hearnshaw. 2nd ed. [QB465 .H43 2014]


Celestial mechanics : chaoticity and dynamics of celestial systems / by R. Dvorak and C. Lhotka. [QB351 .D86 2013]


Climate and ecosystems / by D. Schimel. [QC903 .S35 2013]


Climate dynamics / by K.H. Cook. [QC861.3 .C66 2013]


Early evolution of the atmospheres of terrestrial planets / edited by J.M. Trigo-Rodriguez. [QB603 .A85 E27 2013]


Earth dynamics : deformations and oscillations of the rotating Earth / by D.E. Smylie. [QE517.5 .S69 2013]


Electrifying atmospheres : charging, ionization and lightning in the solar system and beyond / by K.L. Aplin. [QC961 .A67 2013]


Explanatory supplement to the Astronomical almanac / edited by S.E. Urban and P.K. Seidelmann. [REF QB8 .U6 E97 2013]


From dust to life : the origin and evolution of our solar system / by J. Chambers and J. Mitton. [QB503 .C43 2014]


Fundamental planetary science : physics, chemistry and habitability/ by J. Lissauer and I. de Pater. [QB601 .L57 2013]


Fundamentals of numerical weather prediction / by J. Coiffier. [QC996 .C6513 2011]


Introduction to dynamic meteorology / by J.R. Holton and G.J. Hakim. 5th ed. [QC880 .H65 2013]


Introduction to modeling convection in planets and stars : magnetic field, density stratification, rotation / by G.A. Glatzmaier.

[QB462.3 . G53 2014]


Mesoscale-convective processes in the atmosphere / by R.J. Trapp. [QC880.4 .T5 T73 2013]


Midlatitude synoptic meteorology : dynamics, analysis, and forecasting / by G. Lackmann. [QC874 .L33 2011]


Modeling volcanic processes : the physics and mathematics of volcanism / edited by S.A. Fagents, T.K.P. Gregg, and R.M.C. Lopes.

[QE522 .M63 2013]


Oxygen : a four billion year history / by D.E. Canfield. [QD181 .O1 C36 2014]


Paleoclimate / by M.L. Bender. [QC884 .B46 2013]


Parameterization schemes : keys to understanding numerical weather prediction models / by D.J. Stensrud. [QC996 .S74 2007]


Physical biology of the cell / by R. Phillips [et al.]. 2nd ed. [QH505 .P49 2013]


Physics of the atmosphere and climate / by M.L. Salby. 2nd ed. [QC861.2 .S251 2012]


Planetary rings : a post-equinox view / by L. Esposito. 2nd ed. [QB603 .R55 E87 2014]


Plate tectonics : continental drift and mountain building / by W. Frisch, M. Meschede, and R. Blakey. [QE511.4 .F75 2011]


Practical chemical thermodynamics for geoscientists / by B. Fegley. [QD511 .F44 2013]


Solar history : an introduction / by C. Vita-Finzi. [QB539 .E8 V58 2013]


Tides in astronomy and astrophysics / edited by J. Souchay, S. Mathis, and T. Tokieda. [QB415.2 .T53 2013]




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