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May 2015



Atlas of meteorites / by M.M. Grady, G. Pratesi, and V.M. Cecchi. [QB755 .G735 2014]


Atmospheric circulation of hot jupiters and super earths / by T. Kataria. Thesis. [QB820 .K38 2014]


Climate change 2013 : the physical basis / edited by T.F. Stocker. [QC981.8 .C5 C566 2014]


Desert meteorology / by T.T. Warner. [QC993.7 .W37 2004]


Dune worlds : how windblown sand shapes planetary landscapes / by R.D. Lorenz and J.R. Zimbelman. [GB631 .L67 2014


Encyclopedia of the solar system / edited by T. Spohn, D. Breuer, and T. Johnson. 3rd ed. [REF QB501 .E53 2014]


Fundamentals of geobiology / edited by A.H. Knoll, D.E. Canfield, and K.O. Konhauser. [QH343.4 .F86 2012]


Geochemistry / by W.M. White. [QE515 .W45 2013]


Glaciers & glaciation / by D.I. Benn and D.J.A. Evans. 2nd ed. [GB2403.2 .B46 2013]


Global tectonics / by P. Kearey, K.A. Klepeis, and F.J. Vine. 3rd ed. [QE511.4 .K43 2009]


Introduction to mineralogy / by W.D. Nesse. 2nd ed. [QE363.2 .N47 2012]


Introduction to nonlinear dynamics for physicists / by H.D.I. Abarbanel, M.I. Rabinovich, and M.M. Sushchik. [QC20.7 .N6 A23 1993]


Isotope geochemistry / by W.M. White. [QE501.4 .N9 W55 2015]


Lectures on geophysical fluid dynamics / by R. Salmon [QC809 .F5 S25 1998]


Mantle convection for geologists / by G.F. Davies. [QE511.4 .D38 2011]


Mercury’s interior, surface, and surrounding environment : latest discoveries / by P.E. Clark. [QB611 .C54 2015


Nature’s third cycle : the story of sunspots / by A.R. Choudhuri. [QB525 .C46 2015]


Ocean dynamics and the carbon cycle : principles and mechanisms / by R.G. Williams and M.J. Follows. [GC117 .C37 W45 2011]


Origins : the evolution of continents, oceans, and life / by R. Redfern. [QE28.3 .R43 2001]


Orogenesis : the making of mountains / by M.R.W. Johnson and S.L. Harley. [QE621 .J64 2012]


Petrogenesis of metamorphic rocks / by K. Bucher and R. Grapes. 8th ed. [QE475 .A2 B83 2011]


Petrology : igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic / by H. Blatt, R.J. Tracy, and B.E. Owens. 3rd ed. [QE431.2 .B53 2006]


Planetary mapping tools applied to floor-fractured craters on Mars / by M. Bamberg. Thesis. [QB641 .B367 2014]


Principles of igneous and metamorphic petrology / by A.R. Philpotts and J.J. Ague. 2nd ed. [QE461 .P45 2009]


Remote sensing for geoscientists : image analysis and integration / by G.L. Prost. 3rd ed. [QE33.2 .R4 P76 2014]


Scientific exploration of Venus / by F.W. Taylor. [QB621 .T39 2014]


Sedimentary geology : an introduction to sedimentary rocks and stratigraphy / by D.R. Prothero and F. Schwab. 3rd ed. [QE571 .P76 2014


Solar astrophysics / by P.V. Foukal. 3rd rev. ed. [QB521 .F68 2013]


Stable isotope geochemistry / by J. Hoefs. 6th ed. [QE515 .H64 2010]


Storm and cloud dynamics : the dynamics of clouds and precipitating mesoscale systems / by W.R. Cotton, G.H. Bryan, and S.C. van den Heever. 2nd ed. [QC921.6 .D95 C68 2011]


Structural geology / by H. Fossen. [QE601 .F67 2010]


Surface processes on Vesta / by K. Krohn. Thesis. [QB653 .V4 K76 2014]


Tectonic geomorphology / by D.W. Burbank and R.S. Anderson. 2nd ed. [GB401.5 .B87 2012]


Theory of stellar atmospheres : an introduction to astrophysical non-equilibrium quantitative spectroscopic analysis / by I. Hubeny and D. Mihalas.  [QB809 .H83 2015]


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