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Fall 2014

PtyS 510A (Prof. Zega)

Chemical thermodynamics : basic concepts and methodology / by I.M. Klotz.

Cosmochemistry / by H.Y. McSween.

Isotopes : principles and applications / by G. Faure.

Meteorites and the early solar system II / edited by D.S. Lauretta.

Meteorites, comets and planets / edited by A.M. Davis

Planetary materials / edited by J.J. Papike


PtyS 512 (Prof. Showman)

Geodynamics / by D.L. Turcotte


PtyS 416/516 (Prof. Malhotra)

Asteroids III / edited by W.F. Bottke.

Asteroids, comets, and dwarf planets/ by A.S. Rivkin.

Classical mechanics / by H. Goldstein.

Comets II / edited by M.C. Festou.

Fundamentals of celestial mechanics / by J.M.A. Danby.

Introduction to celestial mechanics / by R. Fitzpatrick.

Solar system beyond Neptune / edited by M.A. Barucci.


September 26, 2014



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