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Spring 2014

PtyS 503  (Prof. Giacalone)

Moons & planets / by W.K. Hartmann

Physics and chemistry of the solar system / by J.S. Lewis

Planetary science / by G.H.A. Cole

Planetary sciences / by I. De Pater

Solar system / by J.A. Wood

Universe / by R.A. Freedman

Worlds apart / by G. Consolmagno


PtyS 505b  (Prof. Matsuyama)

Astrophysics of planet formation / by P.J. Armitage

Introduction to planetary physics / by W.M. Kaula

Planetary sciences / by I. De Pater

Solar system dynamics / by C.D. Murray


PtyS 517  (Prof. Showman)

Introduction to planetary atmospheres / by A. Sanchez-Lavega

Planetary climates / by A. Ingersoll


PtyS 553  (Prof. Malhotra)

Fundamentals of celestial mechanics / by J.M.A. Danby

Orbital motion / by A.E. Roy

Solar system dynamics / by C.D. Murray


PtyS 558  (Prof. Jokipii)

Introduction to astrophysical hydrodynamics / by S.N. Shore

Introduction to plasma astrophysics and magnetohydrodynamics / by M. Goossens

Physics of astrophysics / by F.H. Shu

Physics of fluids and plasmas / by A.R. Choudhuri

Physics of plasmas / by T.J.M. Boyd

Physics of solar system plasmas / by T.E. Cravens

Plasma physics / by P.A. Sturrock


January 16, 2014



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