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Spring 2015

PtyS 214 (Prof. Pascucci)

Life in the universe / by J.O. Bennett


PtyS 503 (Prof. Jokipii)

Comets II / edited by M. Festou

Fundamental planetary science / by J.J. Lissauer and I. de Pater

Introduction to space physics / edited by M. Kivelson

Jupiter / edited by T. Gehrels

Mars / edited by H. Kieffer

Mercury / edited by F. Vilas

Physics and chemistry of the solar system / by J.S. Lewis

Physics of atmospheres / by J. Houghton

Planetary atmospheres / by F.W. Taylor

Planetary crusts / by S.R. Taylor

Planetary dunes workshop / sponsored by Lunar and Planetary Institute

Planetary rings / by L. Esposito

Planetary sciences / by I. de Pater and J.J. Lissauer

Planetary surface processes / by H.J. Melosh

Planetary tectonics / edited by T. Watters

Pluto and Charon / edited by A. Stern

Satellites / edited by J. Burns

Solar system / edited by T. Encrenaz

Solar system / edited by J.A. Wood

Sun / by M. Stix.

Sun from space / by K.R. Lang

Uranus / edited by J. Bergstralh

Venus II / edited by S. Bougher

Worlds apart / by G. Consolmagno


PtyS 517 (Prof. Griffith)

Atmospheric radiation / by R.M. Goody

Atmospheric thermodynamics / by C.F. Bohren

Introduction to atmospheric physics / by D.G. Andrews

Introduction to dynamic meteorology / by J.R. Holton


PtyS 568 (Prof. Barman)

Exoplanet atmospheres / by S. Seager

Exoplanet handbook / by M.A.C. Perryman

Exoplanets / edited by S. Seager

Science (special exoplanets issue)


January 28, 2015



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