Maria Steinrueck

I am a third-year graduate student at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona.


My research focuses on studying the atmospheres of exoplanets with three-dimensional numerical simulations (so-called General Circulation Models or GCMs). I concentrate on close-in gas giants, such as hot Jupiters, hot Neptunes and mini Neptunes. These planets are tidally locked, meaning that one side of the planet permanently faces the star. This creates strong day-night temperature contrasts which drive a fascinating atmospheric circulation dominated by an eastward equatorial jet. I am interested in examining how this circulation shapes chemical processes, such as disequilibrium chemistry, cloud or haze formation, as well as in how these processes in turn influence the atmospheric circulation and radiative transfer.


Image: NASA/ESA/STScI (G. Bacon)

Disequilibrium chemistry on Hot Jupiters

I am working with Adam Showman and Vivien Parmentier. In my current project I try to understand the effect of including CO/CH4 disequilibrium chemistry in the General Circulation Model that our group is currently using to simulate the atmospheres of Hot Jupiters (SPARC/MITgcm).


You can find a PDF of my CV here.


msteinru (at) lpl (dot) arizona (dot) edu

Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Kuiper Space Sciences Bldg, Office #334
1629 E. University Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85721

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