Grand Canyon - April 20-23, 2008


Dave O'Brien
Jason Barnes
Jani Radebaugh
Colin Dundas
Alessandro Morbidelli (aka Morby)


This was the fourth Grand Canyon hike I've done. Jason and Jani were on my first, second, and third hikes there. Colin and Morby joined us for this one.

Hike Description

This hike was a ~40-mile, 4-day trek through the Grand Canyon, taking the Tanner and Beamer Trails to the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers. These trails don't get nearly as much use as the main corridor trails, although we did see a few other groups and individuals hiking the Tanner Trail. On the Beamer Trail, we were basically alone except for a few day hikers from rafting trips. Despite the relatively low use, the trails were in very good condition, and the scenery was amazing. Much of our hiking was very close to the Colorado River, and all of our campsites were right next to it, which was a change from all of my previous hikes.

The Tanner Trail was actually closed from about mid-October to mid-March, due to a rockslide near the top of the trail, but the Park Service did some fairly quick trail repairs as soon as the winter snow was clear, and it was open in time for our hike.

Jason set up an interactive Google map of the route here.

The Park Service has more info about the Tanner and Beamer Trails as PDF documents that you can download. Here's some more information about the Tanner and Beamer Trails, with links to topo maps.

Pictures (mostly mine, with some from Morby)

Day 1 - Down the Tanner Trail
Day 2 - Beamer Trail to the Little Colorado
Day 3 - Beamer Trail Back to Tanner Delta
Day 4 - Out via the Tanner Trail

Other People's Pictures


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