Being an ex-optician I was most interested in the operation and fabrication of the optics and forgot to get enough people pictures! Just click on the pictures for a larger view.

Andy Lunt gives us a tour of the facility on Saturday starting with the optical roughing room and the polishing/figuring lab.

Andy and Brian show us the final assembly room.

The various stages of finished etalons.

The telescopes out back on Sunday

Joe Gianninoto (Tucson), Andy Lunt and Wes Ericson (San Diego)

Andy gives us a tech talk on Sunday morning

Two old Sun Dogs...Joe Gianninoto and me. (Photo by Joe)

More images by Joe:

from left to right: Joe and Allen, Carol and Joe, Andy and Joe, and lastly Scott Roberts of "Astronomers Without Borders".

See you all next year!

(I promise to take more people pictures!)