Jim Loudon Observatory
Observations of the 2012 May 20 Solar Eclipse

Dolores and I observed this eclipse from extreme west Albuquerque, NM near Petroglyphs National Mounument, in a park on the west border of a
subdivision called The Petroglyphs. She used a 500mm lens on our Canon Rebel XT with a Baader filter while I used a Questar 3.5" with a full aperture
glass filter doing afocal projection with a Brandon 24mm eyepiece to a Kodak C713 camera. The seeing was quite good through the whole event up to sunset.

This shows the locality we selected just off I-40 southwest of the Petroglyphs National Monument.

Our equipment set up on the little cement apron seen in the satellite photo off the tip of the arrow. We were set up about an hour before
the eclipse began. When we set up the park only had one resident walking his child in a stroller. Soon, once the telescopes were set up, the
curious came some bringing their own telescopes, cameras and solar filters.

The eclipse begins.

More and more people gathered to see what was going on. Here our old friend Sueko Solosky holds a box
in the semi-shade as a projection surface for pinhole images of the eclipse while Dolores takes a photo.

Here are some of the pinhole images of the eclipse caused by small opening between leaves on the tree.

People lining up to get a look through the Questar. First in line is Sueko with her two daughters Amanda and Deirdre (holding her son) behind.
Deirdre's husband is in the red ball cap.

Dolores hard at work getting her images.

The entire moon's disk moves onto the sun.

Full annularity!

Some kids enjoying the eclipse with their eclipse glasses

A local resident that photographed the whole eclipse path with his view camera.

The final results of Rik's observations with the Questar:

The final results of Dolores' images.

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