Jim Loudon Observatory
Venus Transit Observations

Dolores and I observed this transit from Mt. Bigelow in the Catalina Mtns. north of Tucson, at the site of Steward Observatory's 61-inch Kuiper Telescope and the Catalina Sky Survey schmidt. She used a 500mm lens on our Canon Rebel XT with a Baader filter while I used a Questar 3.5" with a full aperture glass filter doing afocal projection with a Brandon 24mm eyepiece to a Kodak C713 camera. The seeing was variable as most daytime seeing is but the results were quite satisfying.

Here's our setup.

Set up to the west of the 61" telescope.

Dolores shooting images for the movie below.

If you do not see the movie above,
clear out your browser cache and reload this page.

The images below were done with a Questar 3.5"

Some interesting atmospheric effects...

The final product!