Jim Loudon Observatory
Lunar Eclipse Observations
2000 -01-21

Richard E. & Dolores H. Hill JIM LOUDON OBSERVATORY 10130 E. King Manor Tucson, AZ 85730 Longitude:110.77554 deg. W or 110 deg. 46' 31.9" Latitude: 32.18006 deg. N or 32 deg. 10' 48.2" Height above sealevel: 2875 ft. ===================================== Lunar Eclipse Observations 1993-11-29 =====================================

Skies at our location (extreme East Tucson by the Rincon Mountains) were photometric after a unpromising day of heavy cirrus. Temperatures at the start were in the low 60's and ended in the low 40's, humidity 38%, with little or no wind. Observers present at the Jim Loudon Observatory were: Dolores Hill, Paul Lorenz and myself. Occultation timings are my own as observed through a 14-inch f/5 Newtonian at 70x. Lorenz was using a C5 telescope at 50x. UT NOTES ---------------------------------------------------------------- 04:04:30 First contact of umbra noted by Paul Lorenz. "Sharp edged and well defined." 04:56 Umbra crossing Oceanus Procellarum is flat in it middle creating the strong impression of extended "horns" or cusps at the limb. 05:17 Sky getting noticably darker. Pleiades now easily visible. 05:25 Moon getting quite red on umbral or NE side. Three stars approaching occultation. 05:27 Begin occultation watch. 05:28:14.7 Occultation of ZC 642. - disappearance. 05:50:35.5 Occultation of Q 00853 - disappearance. 05:52:48.7 Occultation Q 00838 - disappearance. 05:56:26.9 Occultation Q 00853 - disappearance. 05:59:13.0 Occultation ZC 646 - disappearance - This star was binary and a clear unambiguous step disappearance event. Primary star was distinctly orange (K or M spect.). But when the first step of the occultation occurred the drop in light was accompanied by a sudden dramatic change in color in the 14" telescope as the star turned blue (A or B spect.). The step length was 3.6sec with the second event occurring at 05:59:16.6 UT. 06:01 Totality seen to begin. Q 00716 misses N limb. 06:08:00.9 Occultation of XZ 5624 - disappearance. 06:24:33.9 Occultation of XZ 5624 - reappearance. 06:26 Mid-totality. 06:35:35.9 Occultation XZ 5655 - disappearance. 06:42:11.6 Occultation Q 00994 error +/- 1 sec. since averted vision was used. 06:45:41.7 Occultation ZC 0651 - disappearance. 06:46:44.8 Occultation XZ 5669 - disappearance. 06:47 S. limb quite bright. Not a lot of color; slightly "coppery" to N. Totality ending. 06:48 Limb near Tycho very rough. 06:50 Totality over. 06:50:30 Edge of umbra clearly seen on moon. 06:57:46.7 Occultation of XZ 5658 - disappearance. 06:58:14.0 Occultation of XZ 5661 - disappearance. 07:00 Red color in umbra more intense now. The same was true just before totality. Color was less intense during totality. 07:05 To the naked eye the moon looks like a "smile" sitting between Pleiades and Hyades! 07:06 Mare Humorum and Tycho just coming out of umbra. 07:11 Sky now noticably brighter. 07:12 M. Humorum now in full light. Tycho just left umbra. 07:27 Moon to bright for upcoming occultations. 07:33 Copernicus just left shadow. Clouds to far S and W. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------