Jim Loudon Observatory
Lunar Eclipse Observations

Richard E. & Dolores H. Hill JIM LOUDON OBSERVATORY 10130 E. King Manor Tucson, AZ 85730 Longitude:110.77554 deg. W or 110 deg. 46' 31.9" Latitude: 32.18006 deg. N or 32 deg. 10' 48.2" Height above sealevel: 2875 ft.

===================================== Lunar Eclipse Observations 1996-09-27 =====================================

~0140 UT Moonrise begins over the Rincon Mountains. The eastern third of the moon is already gone as seen through broken clouds. Some photos are taken. Umbrally eclipsed portion of the moon very red, looking almost translucent. Saturn to the SE only 2-3 degrees.

0222 UT Totality begins though the umbral-penumbral not at all distinct. The last bit of light left the limb very near Gauss. (All the neighborhood dogs, who were very vocal earlier, are now quiet!)

0242 UT Began video with CCD video camera (GBC-505E) and a 4" focal length 16mm lens.

0245 UT Began photometry

0257 UT Stopped video-going to Saturn

0311 UT Resumed video of eclipse. Sky now completely clear.

0315 UT South pole of moon very dark. Moon overall quite red.

0330 UT Totality over. First light on moon near Krafft and Cardanus.

0336.0 UT Umbral edge at Aristarchus.

0350 UT The translucent appearance most pronounced in 10x50's. It give the moon a very three dimensional look.

0403.0 UT Tycho just coming out as seen in C5 @ 50x.

0405.0 UT Tycho now completely out of umbra.

0419.5 UT Lyell on the edge of the umbra.

0421.5 UT Proculus on umbral edge in C5 @ 100x.

0426.0 UT Goclenius on umbral edge in C5 @ 100x.

0437 UT Umbra leaves limb near south edge of Gauss.

0439UT Moon too bright in video camera. Used dark blue filter to cut light.

0441 UT Already the craters on the celestial west limb are casting shadows as the terminator moves onto the visible disk.

Photometry until 0538 UT.