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Richard E. Hill
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RESULTS FROM THE 09 JUN., 2001 PALLAS OCCULTATION Observation of occultation by Pallas on 9 June 2001 at LPL rooftop observatory, #2 C-14 observers: W. B. Hubbard and R. Hill latitude 32:13:57.3 N longitude 110:56:50.3 W altitude 765 m immersion 10:22:23.7 s +/- 0.2 s UTC emersion 10:22:37.2 s +/- 0.2 s UTC
The full light curve of the occultation data image cube.



See a movie of the event from our data!

The telescope and camera used to take this data.The camera is a Photometrics frame transfer camera capable of 12 Hz though 5 Hz was used for this event. Reductions were done using IDL and data-taking software was PCCD, developed by Lowell Obs.

Created by: Richard E. Hill.
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