This image was taken from the observing floor window of the Warner & Swasey Observatory on Kitt Peak looking due south. The dome in the middle is the old #2 36-inch telescope with the old #1 36-inch being the red spot at the right (with the white light underneath and the 16-inch between them. At bottom are the red lights of one of the dorms. Just to the left of the #2 36-inch (to the right of the short arc of yellow car lights) is a notch that is just about due south from this vantage point. The bright star-arc to the right of the #2 36-inch dome is Canopus setting. The double arc in the notch is a combination of the combined trails of chi & delta Vela and N Carinae at -57 declination. The top 3 stars of Crux can just barely and briefly be seen in the notch with optical aid.

This photo was taken with a 28mm lens on gas hypered Ektachrome 400 in 1983 by R. Hill.