Penetration Measurements on Spacecraft are of educational interest : penetration and force is something people have an instinctive 'feel' for, unlike magnetic field measurements or spectroscopy, for example. The excitement of space exploration also provides a useful 'hook' to excite interest in the fundamental physical relationships between force, acceleration and velocity. This theme will be developed further in future evolution of this page

Experiments with accelerometers at Dover High School, New Hampshire

Here students, under the direction of Head of Physics Bill Church, are simulating and measuring the accelerations ('g-forces') on a scale model of an amusement park ride to determine whether the full-scale version will be 'survivable' to the public.

Students working with the accelerometer are Travis Looker, Nate Fennessy, Ben Looker and Dema Garbuzov

The cart for the model ride contains a small accelerometer (Analog Devices ADXL50) inside the aluminum box.

The accelerometers, and a simple data acquisition system (an analog-to-digital converter, plugging into the printer port of a PC) were provided under a NASA scheme to provide small Scientist-Teacher Cooperation Grants

Analog Devices has an interesting Accelerometer Newsletter

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