Tachylite is a volcanic rock. Early geologists in Vredefort identified something a bit like it, and called it Pseudotachylite. It is formed largely by frictional melting along faults where the rocks moved at or after the impact event. Clasts of the country rock (here granite) are found within. In these images, the Pseudotachylitic breccia is the black stuff......

GPS receiver for scale...

Note here that the clasts are found mostly on one side of the Pseudotachylite vein. This exposure about 6 metres long

Not Pseudotachylite. This is the circular 'granophyre' a plug of rock that is brecciated and includes a meteoritic component

While inspecting this outcrop we encountered a dust devil

As well as the local wildlife

Compare with Sudbury in Canada

Vredefort Shatter Cones

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