The NGC Catalog

65 of 7840 Objects

NGC40 - Planetary nebula in Perseus

NGC221 - Elliptical galaxy in Andromeda [M32]

NGC224 - Spiral galaxy in Andromeda [M31]

NGC278 - Spiral galaxy in Cassieopia

NGC457 - Open Cluster in Cassieopia

NGC598 - Spiral galaxy in Triangulum [M33]

NGC604 - Gaseous nebula in Triangulum

NGC650 - Planetary nebula in Perseus [M76]

NGC1039 - Open cluster in Perseus [M34]

NGC1068 - Seyfert galaxy in Cetus [M77]

NGC1535 - Planetary nebula in Eridanus

NGC1569 - Spiral galaxy in

NGC1904 - Globular cluster in Lepus [M79]

NGC1952 - Supernova remnant in Taurus [M1]

NGC1976 - Gaseous nebula in Orion [M42]

NGC1982 - Gaseous nebula in Orion [M43]

NGC2022 - Planetary nebula in Orion

NGC2068 - Reflection nebula in Orion [M78]

NGC2168 - Open Cluster in Gemini [M35]

NGC2261 - Variable nebula in Monoceros

NGC2287 - Open cluster in Canis Major [M41]

NGC2392 - Planetary nebula in Gemini

NGC2403 - Spiral galaxy in Camelopardis

NGC2440 - Planetary nebula in Puppus

NGC3031 - Spiral galaxy in Ursa Major [M81]

NGC3034 - Irregular galaxy in Ursa Major [M82]

NGC3077 - Spiral galaxy in

NGC3242 - Planetary nebula in Hydra

NGC4374 - Elliptical galaxy in Virgo [M84]

NGC4406 - Elliptical galacy in Virgo [M86]

NGC4579 - Spiral galaxy in Virgo [M58]

NGC4594 - Spiral galaxy in Virgo [M104]

NGC4621 - Elliptical galaxy in Virgo [M59]

NGC4826 - Spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices [M64]

NGC5194/5 - Spiral galaxies in Canes Venatici [M51]

NGC5272 - Globular cluster in Canes Venatici [M3]

NGC6121 - Globular cluster in Scorpius [M4]

NGC6205 - Globular cluster in Hercules [M13]

NGC6210 - Planetary nebula in Hercules

NGC6341 - Globular cluster in Hercules [M92]

NGC6523 - Gaseous nebula in Sagittarius [M8]

NGC6531 - Open cluster in Sagittarius [M18]

NGC6618 - Gaseous nebula in Sagittarius [M17]

NGC6626 - Globular cluster in Sagittarius [M28]

NGC6637 - Globular cluster in Sagittarius [M69]

NGC6656 - Globular cluster in Sagittarius [M22]

NGC6681 - Globular cluster in Sagittarius [M70]

NGC6715 - Globular cluster in Sagittarius [M54]

NGC6720 - Planetary nebula in Lyra [M57]

NGC6779 - Globular cluster in Lyra [M56]

NGC6809 - Globular cluster in Sagittarius [M55]

NGC6826 - Planetary nebula in Cygnus

NGC6853 - Planetary nebula in Vulpecula [M27]

NGC6913 - Open cluster in Cygnus [M29]

NGC7009 - Planetary nebula in Aquarius

NGC7027 - Planetary nebula in Cygnus

NGC7078 - Globular cluster in Pegasus [M15]

NGC7089 - Globular cluster in Aquarius [M2]

NGC7099 - Globular cluster in Capricorn [M30]

NGC7331 - Spiral galaxy in Pegasus

NGC7332 - Elliptical galaxy in Pegasus

NGC7339 - Spiral galaxy in Pegasus

NGC7635 - Gaseous nebula in Cassiopeia

NGC7654 - Open cluster in Cassiopeia [M52]

NGC7662 - Planetary nebula in Andromeda