PTYS 395
Mercury: Open Questions And New Data

Dr. Shane Byrne &mdash 626-0407 &mdash 524 Kuiper Building


&mdash Class Presentations &mdash

Jan 16th Introduction to Mercury
Messenger encounter movie
Shane Byrne
Jan 23rd The Mariner 10 mission Antonio Solazzi
The Messenger Mission Joshua Nelson
Jan 30th Mercury's Atmosphere Virginia Pasek
Initial MASCS Results Kerri Donaldson Hanna
Feb 6th Messenger Imaging Experiment Prof. Bob Strom
Feb 13th Mercury's Polar Deposits Sarah Mattson
Feb 20th Space Weathering on Mercury Jake Turner
Feb 27th Mercury's Core Lindsay Johannessen
March 5th Mercury's Lobate Scarps Sarah Mattson
March 12th Mercury's Tectonics Virginia Pasek
March 19th
March 26th Mercury's Formation Triana Henz
April 2nd Mercury's Surface Properties Keri Donaldson-Hanna
April 9th The Caloris Impact Antonio Solazzi
April 16th Mercury's Plains and Volcanism Jake Turner
April 23rd Mercury's Craters Lindsay Johannessen
April 30th Mercury as seen from MESSENGER Dr. Ann Sprague
May 7th Mercury's Magnetic Field Keri Donaldson-Hanna
Mercury's Geologic History Triana Henz

The background image is of Phoebe, a moon of Saturn. It was acquired by the Cassini spacecraft in June of 2004. See here for the original image and more info.